We believe this to be one of CrossFit’s recipes for success. Learning proper technique takes time. Once we can consistently maintain proper mechanics we add intensity. For this reason, we feel that for best results a 3x per week commitment is minimum for, skill development of sound technique, consistent gains, and injury prevention. AND lets not forget, your time dedication will make you more AWESOME in general;)

See you in the gym!


$150/month 12month Contract

$175/month Month to Month Autopay

*includes ALL CrossFit classes, Yoga classes and Open Gym times.


$108/month 12 Month Contract

$135/month Month to Month Autopay

*includes 3 visits per week of either CrossFit, Yoga or Open Gym.




*3 month minimum CrossFit experience or completion of CrossFit Seward’s Fundamentals Class

*CrossFit Fundamentals $199 for the series


Welcome to Seward Alaska! We would love to have you stop in for a WOD.

*Please register for class prior to arrival by clicking the word “Schedule” below.

*Drop-in rate is $15 or $35 for class and a T-shirt.

*1 Week unlimited $45.

*1 Week unlimited AND a T-shirt $60.